How to use social media for SEO?

Social media and Search Engine Optimisation are the 2 best ways you can use to get more traffic to your business eventually more leads and sales, build your brand online and grow your revenue.

Despite the fact that both platforms and strategies work in different ways, let’s take a look at how you can use social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to boost your website performance in SEO like Google and bing.

But before that lets debunk an important myth about social media and SEO relationship.

Many people believe that a blog post total shares on social media is a ranking signal in Google but it is not a case, Matt Cutts who is one of the top Google employee revealed that Google does not consider social shares as a ranking signal.

Then comes the question, how can you use social media for SEO.

That is what we will discuss in this blog post.

Let’s dive right in.

How to use social media for SEO?

Let’s take a look at the strategies which help Social media with SEO.

1. Increase direct traffic to your website.

SEMrush has done a study on ranking factors in Google and they found that, the direct traffic and visitors visiting a website can drastically increase your rankings in Google.

So, one of the best benefits of using social media for SEO is that you can share your content on social media.

When people find and consume your content, they actually visit your website directly from social media rather than from search engines and

Search engine crawlers always observe such movements of users visiting websites directly and

this will give you a direct boost in your website rankings in Google as it shows that users are really engaging with your content and prefer your blog post alot.

So, even though sharing content and building backlinks on social media platforms does not pass the link juice because they are no follow but they can drive lots of high quality traffic to your website which can directly Boost Your rankings.

2. Increase your link building opportunities.

By sharing your content on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn you can also increase the number of chances of getting backlinks that you can get to your website because

It takes lot of time for Google to crawl, index and rank your website, for a new website the process can take atleast a couple of months for ranking in Google for any keyword.

But, if the content that you have created on your website and shared on social media is really high quality that solve the problems of users.

More people can see your content on their notifications and feed and this can increase your chances of getting quality backlinks to your website.

People mostly give backlinks to websites that they see very often, they trust them.

And if you have learnt about Search Engine Optimisation then you must have learnt and know the importance of backlinks in SEO.

And in order to get new backlinks to your website all you need to do is get your content infront of the right people and social media can help you with that faster over SEO.

That is the benefit of social media over SEO, as social media is fast but not consistent in the long term but SEO is slow but consistent in driving traffic in the long run.

And you need to learn how you can use both of them in a good partnership to grow your business.

Apart from that by using social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook you can find and build valuable relationships and connections with other influencers and digital marketers in your industry who also own and run a similar blog and website like yours or have a similar online business and this can result in many opportunities to improve your SEO performance like,

  • You can get a guest post opportunity on other sites.
  • You can find new partners for your blog and online business.
  • You can get interviewed and introduce yourself to a new broad audience on other sites.

It is not always about traffic and sales, you can get alot more benefit from ideas, connections and partnerships as well that helps with SEO.

Now let’s see the third strategy.

3. Social profiles of a website also rank in Google.

If you search for any website name or company name in Google.

You will notice that Google will rank the website along with all the social media profiles that the website has built and has some following on.

There are couple of benefits of this like,

  • When users notice that your website has a Facebook page and a profile on LinkedIn then it increases your website and your brand credibility and increase your website authority and expertise over a website that does not have any social media profile.
  • By creating social media profile of your website like Facebook page and Pinterest account of your website if you have a brand new website it takes a lot of time for Google to crawl and index your website but by creating such profiles on social media you can decrease the time it takes for crawling and indexing of your website because Google constantly crawls and indexes pages and content on social media.

This is one of the most important reasons why you should be using social media for your SEO efforts.

4. Build strong reputation of your brand online.

By building a strong following and good relationship with your audience on social media accounts of your brand, it can help you to improve your rankings in SEO both directly and indirectly.

For example if you have a product that you sell on your website and publish content on your blog related to the product then you can use social media platforms like YouTube and Pinterest to publish testimonials of your product, do interviews with people who have purchased your product and publish reviews and answer people’s questions regarding your product.

Look, most of the people on the Internet spend a lot of time on social media platforms like Facebook YouTube and LinkedIn to stay connected with people and consume content.

When you establish a good connection and engagement of your brand with your audience then it can lead to more branded searches of your website on Google which can directly increase your website rankings and increase your authority in Google.

When people have a positive opinion, comment and good experience with your brand on social media it creates a strong social proof of your brand which can lead to more sales and revenue of your business in the long term.

Since trust of people is the most important asset of building a brand and making money online and social media can help you a lot in that regard.

5. Find New content ideas.

This is my favourite part of using social media for SEO.

Using social media sites you can find lots of amazing and new content ideas that you can target in your blog post.

You can obviously interact and have conversations with your audience and identify their problems, desires and issues that they face in their life,

You can engage with people in Facebook groups, Reddit threads, Quora groups and find new keywords with less competition.

You can also find people’s issues by running surveys and polls on the Platforms.

Look most people use mainstream keyword research tools in order to do keyword research but very few people use social media platforms to do keyword research which means you can find lots of keyword ideas related to your industry that nobody targets because nobody uses such platforms to do keyword research.

When nobody targets such keywords obviously it has low competition and since people discuss those ideas on social media groups and pages you know that there is search volume Behind Those keywords.

That is great deal for Keyword research and it is the first step in SEO.

This is how you can use social media for your SEO efforts.


These are all the popular techniques and strategies you can consider on how you can use social media channels and platforms to improve your SEO efforts.

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