Why do tennis players wear wristbands & headbands?

In this article let’s take a look at why do tennis players actually wear wristbands and headbands, etc.

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Why do tennis players wear wristbands & headbands?

Now, even though the primary reason for wearing a wristband for any tennis player is actually to wipe off the sweat that they will be getting while playing the game because tennis is every intense sport.

As a matter of fact and average person can burn anywhere between 500 to 700 amount of calories by playing tennis individually for at least one hour so players play this tennis matches for several hours in training sessions

so you can clearly see that you lose a lot of energy and calories by playing tennis and you also get a lot of sweat which you want to remove and this is the reason why majority of the tennis players wear wristbands that they will be getting from different parts like forehead and hands.

And tennis players also wear headbands to absorb the sweat that they get on their head so as I mentioned earlier the primary reason for wearing these bands is obviously to absorb the sweat because if this sweat gets into your eyes or on your hands then it can distract you or loosen your grip on the tennis racket so this is the primary reason why this bands will be used but there are two more reasons.

Apart from the sweat tennis players also wear this bands especially for promoting any sponsorship company that they have been associated with, because you should know that more than 700 million people watch tennis games worldwide and

 it is a worldwide sport so tennis players like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are very popular worldwide and they have a huge following so many brands actually approach these athletes and they have various brand collaborations that you can see in their performance because they wear specific brand clothes and equipment and wristbands and headbands are one of them so this is also one reason for wearing the bands.

And the last main reason is to promote some social awareness and social course because as I mentioned earlier these tennis players are followed by people worldwide and tennis is a global sport so people actually get influenced by the words and actions of these players so this tennis players wear specific colours of the bands for example,

  • If any player wears purple colour of band then it means he is bringing awareness to issues like ADHD and social elder abuse
  • If any player wears pink colour band then he is bringing awareness to breast cancer issue to the public
  • Orange colour wristband represent issues of malnutrition and bring awareness of it in the public
  • Yellow colour wristband represent the research and funding for testicular cancer
  • Green colour wristband represent environment and protection of trees and promoting pollution free environment

These are some major reasons why many tennis players wear both wrist bands and headbands.

How to stop sweaty hands in tennis?

As I mentioned earlier that sweat can really affect your grip on the racket and it can also distract you if it touches your eyes so apart from wearing the wristband and headband you can also do things like clean the sweat using any towel and also use grips, You can use grip enhancer, You can also use as hand sanitizer gel, You can also rotate your rackets back and forth and if you have more than two rackets like three then you can switch them which can be a good option if you get a lot of sweat.

These are some things you can do to avoid sweaty hands in tennis.

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These are all the reasons why tennis players actually wear wristbands and headbands.

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