8 things to know before moving to Hawaii

1. It is not question that the cost of living is high in Hawaii and the income tax rate is definitely one of the highest in the country

2. If you are a nature lover then you will love leaving in Hawaii because there are so many wild animals like whales birds turtle in the ocean nearby

3. Traffic on roads on the Hawaii can be very brutal and exhausting

4. You can experience some of the best moments of sunrise and sunset here

5. It is not all good in Hawaii, there are active volcanoes under the ocean which erupt lava and there are dangerous sharks and other wild animals in Hawaii

6. It is very difficult to move to Hawaii with your pet

7. There are so many cockroaches insects snakes spiders and mosquitoes living in Hawaii

8. Moving to Hawaii in general is very expensive because of the expensive flights and moving process because Hawaii is located far away