Bharathi Tamil Sangam was founded in 1941 by the great scientist, Dr. K S Krishnan,who was a great lover of Tamil Literature with the following objectives.

  • To promote and propagate Tamil language and literature in general and the works of Poet, Subramania Bharathi in particular.

  • To teach Tamil to the Tamil speaking community and the children who are away from Tamil Nadu in order to have the continuity to the next generation with the language.

  • To publish good Tamil literary works and the translation in different languages.

  • To serve as a platform for interaction between Tamil scholars and writers with those of other languages and contribute to the national integration and also to honour them.

  • To propagate love and peace and serve the society enhancing the human values.


  • Running a Reading Room containing number of newspapers and periodicals.

  • It has a well equipped library with a collection of more than 5000 books pertaining to literature.

  • Conducts Tamil classes for non-Tamils and Hindi & Bengali classes for the benefit of Timils who come to Kolkata on transfer or on business.

  • Arranging literary meetings and seminars periodically to commemorate great Writers and Scholars.

  • Has published more than 25 books in Tamil, English, Hindi, Bengali and Marathi.

  • Instituted two Education Trust, by which it gives scholarship and school uniform to the needy and disabled students.

  • Conducts social service programmes to the society where it belongs.

Mr L M Anantha Padmanabhan

Mr R Nakeerar

Mrs Chitra Sivaramakrishnan

Mr M Lakshmanan
Assistant Secretary

Mr S Jayaraman

Mobile: 09339744312

Mr G V Subramanian
Executive Member

Mrs. Bhuvana Ramakrishnan
Executive Member
(Brahmapur Branch In-Charge)

Mr S K Subramanian
Executive Member

Mr T K Radhakrishnan
Executive Member

Mr A Pugazhendran
Executive Member

Advisors: Mr. Thiru S. Mahalingam, Dr. R. Sivakumar (I.P.S.)

சங்கம் தொடங்கிய ஆண்டு முதல் பதவி வகித்தவர்கள்



Tamil Letters

The Tamil alphabet has 12 vowels and 18 consonants. These combine to form 216 compound characters. There is one special character, giving a total of 247 characters.

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Tamil Calender

The Tamil calendar is a derivative of the old Hindu solar calendar and is based on the sidereal year. In contrast, most other languages of India (Telugu, Hindi) use lunar calendars.

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Tamil Literature

Tamil literature is as old and as rich as Greek, Sanskrit and Chinese literatures. Sangam Age (that lasted till ca. 3rd century AD) is an important period for Tamil Literature.

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Tamil Poet

The chronological Listing of Tamil Literature..

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Let's Spread Aathisudi to the World!

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